Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I have to admit it's getting better-sort of

I imagine that it is time to bring my few faithful readers up to date on goings on here. Last Friday Jan and I revisited the Doctor (actually she is a PA) for a followup check and at least my lungs are now clear. She surprised me when she told me that she wanted to put me in the hospital on my first visit. I guess that I dodged that bullet. I have been doing this on the VA's dime so it isn't quite as painful. While recovering I have spent a lot of time scanning slides into memory. I am up to about 1973, I think and it has really been a trip down memory lane. I hardly recognise that couple in those early pictures, me with lots of hair and that little blond farm girl from Alpha that took me in.

I see that it was the first picture on a roll, it was taken at a campground in Riverton, Wyoming I'm pretty sure. Anyhow, back to the present time. After seeing the Doctor last Friday Jan and I ran up to Mankato just to bum around on the day before our anniversary, she goes to Target and I head for Barnes and Noble. We did have lunch at Red Lobster mainly because Jan had a gift certificate, ordinarily for us, eating out means the Irish Steak House (Hans' favorite). Saturday we drove to Rochester to see the Theobalds and I went on to the Cities for the motorcycle show. I don't think that I will be going again as several manufacturers didn't show up due to costs I guess. Gen and Jan had a good time shopping and everyone seems to be coping with Lewis's loss as well as could be expected. Steve made us steak, baked potatoes, and corn for supper and it was much, much better than Red Lobster, I kid you not. Oh ya, about a month ago when we were down there I lost my everyday watch somewhere and figured it is either gone forever or lying next to the driveway somewhere. The thing was I had just bought a couple of batteries for it so I wouldn't have to look the next time it went dead. I bought it in San Jose in 1980 when I was there for training and my old watch crapped out. Anyway, we pulled up and I got out of the car and there it lay on top of the snow bank next to the driveway, still running with the correct time and date! This was after rain, snow, and some nasty weather.

Monday Jan and I baby sat Leah and Aaron in the afternoon while Eli and Lindsey went looking for cabinet options for their new home when it gets built. Yesterday Phil and I cruised up to Cambridge and Rush City for our semi-annual pilgrimage to the bike shop and Dennis Kirk for some parts and a new pair of riding boots that I have been wearing around the house to break them in. I may get my Aerostich and helmet out of the garage later and watch "On Any Sunday".

Other than that not too much new around here, as usual the weather is turning cold and windy today. Last night I drove home from Phil's in a snow and rain storm, it's a good thing it was above freezing so it was just wet. At least it flushed the mud off the GT. I'm going to tack a few pictures on here too from our past. Take care and stay in touch. The pictures at the top of the page are from supper that Jan and I ( in a supporting role) hosted Sunday evening. The towels were Kathy's anniversary gift to us. I couldn't think of a better way of verifying that we got them.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dog my Cats, what next!?

After my last blog where I was complaining about how I came down with a cold at a most inopportune time, I got some more bad news. Last Wednesday I think, in the evening I was so cold I was wearing a stocking cap in the house, was the time that Jan figured that maybe I should see a doctor. She got me in the next day and sure as hell it's pneumonia now!! So I'm back on anti-biotic and cough syrup and Tylenol and lots of fluids. I think that I am getting the short course in what it really feels like to be 90 years old. Those of you that can remember him, John Denver had it all wrong about " it turns me on to think of growing old" or some such nonsense. Then he had the audacity to kill himself in a plane crash before he could test that theory out. I was feeling pretty good about my progress from last Falls' brush with death, doing some exercising at home trying to get in shape for riding, if the weather ever turns nicer, and getting some walking in trying to build some stamina on the icy streets in town. Now that we have had some warmer weather and the streets are bare, guess what, I'm reduced to looking out the window at the puddles and dry paving. It is getting to the point where I am almost afraid to leave the security of my house for fear I'll pick something else up. Mentally I am also starting to scale back some of the projected long distance rides I have been dreaming about because unless I can get back into shape and stay healthy 5 and 600 mile days are going to be a thing of the past. My best day was years ago when I ran from Lewistown, Mt. to home in one pass, a total of 905 miles. I got home late at night and when I did the math I wanted to get back on and do the other 95 miles knowing that I would never be that close again, but Jan talked me out of it, probably a good thing come to think of it. I don't think that I will be going off-roading with Eli this Spring down at Zumbro Bottoms, it almost killed me last Fall and I was relatively healthy at the time. Well, I have spent some time getting some of this off my chest now if only I could get this other thing out of my chest I'd be a much happier man. I think that I will dredge up some pictures to brighten things up. Take care and stay in touch and healthy. The pictures that I picked are from our annual picnic in Owatonna, just so that we can remember what green grass looked like. We have gone to the same park and the same location for several years now and have never had bad weather or crowds.

Monday, February 2, 2009

adding insult to injury

In regards to the title, not only has it been one of the 4 coldest January's since they started keeping records but I developed a cold over the weekend. I don't think that I have had one since last year sometime. What made it all the more pleasant was this was the big weekend at the lodge in Whalan, Minnesota. The idea was that all of the local children and grandchildren were to spend a couple nights at this lodge on the Root river down in the bluff country. Well, the job Eli had been on for at least a month that gave him weekends off, fizzled when someone bumped him off that job and onto a road job. He spent the weekend in Sioux City in the motel and Lindsey and the kids were home. Anyhow, I had a cold, Gen was developing a cold and Steve had a black eye after being elbowed at basketball the night before. Jan, Sam, and Gus luckily were healthy. I have to admit that the facilities were top notch and the scenery was great too. It surprised me that there were not more snowmobilers running around because there was a lot more snow there than here. I may be trying to make a funeral tomorrow in Glencoe for the wife of a co-worker of mine. She has been having health problems for quite some time and finally just failed I guess. I know how impatient I have been on my recovery but at least I'm recovering. I can't imagine how hard a lingering illness must be on everyone involved. Gerry Stepien had worked at the head office in Chaska for years before she retired some time ago. I will add some pictures here to give my readers an idea of the lodge area from this weekend. As usual St. Jan is taking good care of me still, rubbing Vicks on my chest, etc., but we don't have a chunk of scratchy wool to put over the Vicks. Anyhow, I think that I will live for a few more days ( I hope) , Jan is already making reservations at the KOA in Rapid City for the end of May, so if this snow ever melts I will need to get the toyhauler into shape for travel. Stay warm and stay in touch.