Monday, August 29, 2011

Westward Ho- Bucket List roads pt. 1

I think that I may have finally learned how to attach photos to my blogs, start at the bottom of the file and work your way backwards. That way the first photos show up on top. Anyhow, on to my narrative of my trip to the west coast. I left St. James toward the end of July, as I had to be back by August 10th for a follow up at Mayo with the ENT doctors. The first day out things were going so well that I made it all of the way to Gillette, Wyoming. One drawback to that stop was the fact that the motel- which Eli and I had just stayed in a few weeks previously-had about doubled in price, due to the fact that the National High School rodeo was going on. Believe you me, $166 bucks for a Super 8 that wasn't so super made me look at other chains for the rest of the trip. The next morning it was cool and clear as I rode over the Big Horns to Cody. Hiway 14 regardless of which route you take on the west side of the Big Horns is a good ride. From Cody up through the Sunshine Basin and over Bear Tooth pass into Montana. Several of the last pictures in the string are from that location. I actually got a shot of the peak that gives the pass it's name and some of the flowers above the tree line. I have been over Bear Tooth several times and it is always a terrific ride. One time I got caught on top in rain, snow, and hail, this was not so terrific! I ran into a couple from Billings at an over look that were BMW riders also, so we talked bikes for awhile, and she saw my PGR sticker and was familiar with our mission, so we had a nice talk about that too. From there I headed up to Livingston where I spent the night in a Comfort Inn, which was really very nice. The next morning I headed up to Missoula on I-90. I had not been that way before and that is a very scenic drive most of the way. From Missoula I went west over Lolo pass into Idaho. I was a little disappointed by this pass, as it is pretty much just a climb out of Montana and a little more fun on the west side. The ride across the panhandle of Idaho got a little old after miles and miles of twisty roads throught the forest along a river. By the time I got to Lewiston my themometer was reading 105 and I figured it was time to call it a day, plus the fact I would have had to go another hundred miles or so to find another good sized town. So here is where I am going to call it a day also. Stayed tuned for part 2 of my magical mystery tour-kind of, there isn't too much magical or much of a mystery to it, just keep it between the ditches and watch out for the idiots out there.