Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring Follow Up

 I finally finished that model of a Ducati 1199 Panigalle and here are a few photos of the finished product. I cannot imagine tackling something this detailed again. Parts that are so small a tweezers was too large to grip them properly. I have to admit it took a month to get it done, what with painting parts one day and attaching them to the growing bike the next. Did I mention that Jan and I made a trip to Rapid City to a large model shop that I have been visiting for more than 50 years, knowing that they would have the correct colors that are called for in the directions. Well, that was the excuse for a cruise to the Hills again. I actually picked up another color paint at a shop in Fairfax, Virginia when we were out there in February. So I have quite a collection of Tamiya paints. The color on the body panels is Italian red with a couple coats of clear coat on top to make it nice and shiny and cover the decals, which were affixed with a lot of oaths.

Here is the photo of the first resident of Eli and Lindsey's goat farm. Jan and Lindsey are going up to Lakeville this coming weekend to pick up a couple more so this one won't be lonely. Charlotte is this one's name and she was pretty little when they got her. Hopefully they will earn their keep by keeping the grass and weeds trimmed. We shall see.
Lastly, I had several tests done in the last couple weeks to make sure that the old ticker isn't about to fall out on the street. A nuclear stress test- not fun- was first on the agenda followed by an echo cardiogram here in St. James. I have had both of these done before so I was not too surprised at the procedures. A few days later we met with the doctor and I was afraid that open heart surgery was in my future, but PTL everything was fine. He suggested that maybe the reason I don't have the energy I used to have is because I ain't as young as I used to be, imagine that. So I am back planning bike trips for the coming year and chasing after grandkids activities. I will leave you with my usual request, leave a message if you please.