Thursday, March 25, 2010

For Our Badger

This post will be for Genevieve who has acquired the nick name "Badger" over the years, partially because she attended college in Wisconsin, maybe not. This string of pictures kind of bookend the early years and the present time. I would have included some more but I am only up to her early years in my ongoing slide conversion process. I really wish that I was more comfortable telling my children how proud of them I am face to face, so I do it with the keyboard. I have found that to be true of most interactions. I think that it gives me more time to think or delete things that should not have been said. Anyhow, now that I have that out of the way, I really want my limited readership to know how proud I am of Genevieve and her accomplishments thus far. She has done well in sports and academics and just accepted a promotion at Mayo, but I think that her accomplishments as a parent may be the highest calling. I don't know if it a common feeling or not but I never expected any of our children not to be successful in life, the idea that they would fail just never occurred to me. I pretty much give the credit to St. Jan for how the kids turned out.
Following my usual format, the pictures are in reverse order. If you read from the bottom up you will see Gen from pre-birth through her own motherhood. At the very top she is with Gussie last "summer" at Spearfish, South Dakota and the next is at Gussies birthday party in February this year with Sam, Gus, and cousin Leah. The next couple should be self-explanatory and one with all the girls eating ice cream and at the bottom is St. Jan probably in February 1978. We will see 2/3 of the clan on Saturday for an early Easter get together here at our house so we will get to see them again. One of these days the whole clan will get together and it will be great, no more communicating on line or over the phone and the cousins can get re-aquainted. With that I'll end with, Gen I love you and am proud of you too. I hope that I have more time to watch you and your brother and sister's lives unfold in the future.