Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring is just around the corner

  We have been up to a few things around here lately. Jan and I just finished a paneling job in our "exercise room " in the basement. I'll throw in a few pictures, if I can get that to work this time around. I worked out a parts list to fix up the XR 650, again, got them ordered recently, and received them just a few days later, much to my surprise. I had ordered a set of hand guards for the Triumph from Bike Bandit and that order had taken a couple of weeks. I think that they had to turn around and order them from Triumph, and maybe they had to come from Great Britain. Anyhow, I have the cylinder and piston out to a machinist locally and he will get them acquainted with each other and then I can proceed to putting things back together. This latest problem occurred last Summer after the bike had been rebuilt after the dealer screwed it up. I am not sure but it may have been an oil starvation thing because it wiped out the top end, pretty much. I have a couple of pictures of that too. Back to the paneling job. Jan and I spent more than a week on that one, and it necessitated two trips to Mankato, one for the wood itself and a return for a power miter saw. I made one cut with the saw I have used for years for cutting trim and said, "Jan we are going to get a power miter". If I hadn't I would still be down there sawing away. Probably the best $110 bucks I have spent in a long time. Next up, Gus's birthday party in Rochester. Jan, and I , and the Great Grandmothers made the trip last Saturday. Believe it or not, neither one of us remembered to bring a camera this time. The party for Gus was the usual house full of relatives, with our car full, Scuba's brothers, and their wives, except for Bill, come to think of it. Scuba's Mom and the next door neighbors, and a couple of dogs to boot. What can I say, but it was pretty wild again. It is good to see the Minnesota branch of our kiddos and their kiddos get together. Only missing Rachel and her family who are on the East coast with the Navy, so to speak. Yesterday was Leah's birthday party here in town at her house. If you read the previous description of Gus's party, just put most of the action in this new location minus Scuba's brothers, wives, Mom and neighbors in this new location and you will get the picture. This time, luckily enough I did bring a camera, so I will add some of Leah's party. In Rachel's latest blog she talks about thinking about past mistakes keeping you up at night. It must run in the family as I have that problem too, lots of mornings I wake up early and start going over things I may have done wrong over the years, and believe me that could fill a book. Eventually I just have to get up and make my coffee and have breakfast, because laying in bed with your mind working overtime won't give you any rest. you think, if only I could have a "do over', I would do things differently, but probably not. On that high note I will close this blog, take care and stay in touch.