Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's Virginia again, among other things

This blog is going to be mostly pictures of Jan and my trip to Norfolk to help Rachel move into their newly rehabbed home. This is the middle of May almost and I just got out for a short ride yesterday. Last years' weather has turned out to be a cruel, cruel joke. We spend a lot of time comparing it to this years' weather which is actually somewhat cooler than average. Last year I had several thousand miles on bikes and this year I am still trying to get some break in miles on the Triumph we bought before Christmas, and Harry needs some tender miles too. As usual the main obstacle in the whole trip is West Virginia again. This time I got caught in a speed trap in Rainelle going 27 in a 15, believe it or not. Oh well, I guess a ticket every 26 years ain't too bad, I imagine that I was about due. On the way back I think that it rained again on the way through, so, about par for the course. More about the move. Luckily the two houses are only a mile or so apart, so shuffling back and forth was easy enough. The movers took two truck loads from the old to the new, and we spent the next week unboxing and getting things organized. Adding to the stress level we found that the box springs for the two beds in the upper floors could not be maneuvered up the stairs, so Rachel had to order split box springs, that hopefully will go around the corners to the second and third floors. We pretty much worked the whole time we were there, but did take a break to tour a cemetery that has a lot of history. There were a lot of Confederate graves there, and if you check Rachel's blog you can see some more pictures and videos. Anyhow, we were there 10 days or so and figured we needed to head home. While we were gone it had been 80 degrees, and they had had heavy snow to boot. We got home Thursday evening after running through heavy rain in Illinois. Things had greened up some while we were gone but the trees are just beginning to bud out, and the lawn is really shaggy, so I need to hit that. The picture on the bottom is from Appomatox Courthouse, across the street from the house where the Civil War ended. Well, that's it for now, stay tuned.