Saturday, May 23, 2009

It is another Boy

Rachel is on the phone from Stuttgart as I type this note talking with her Mom. We got the word from her that she is carrying another grandson. This makes 5 boys and 2 girls for St. Jan and I. I have to admit that 40 years ago I never would have expected this much good luck to come my way, thank God Jan proposed to me in 1971. Anyhow that is the best news that I can come up with this morning. I suppose that I should flesh out our visit to Rochester a little for the audience. First up was a PET scan and then a visit with the Prosthodontist to check on the plan with adding teeth. After a small x-ray we discovered that the titanium strap in my jaw is broken. Everyone was kind of surprised about that development as it would take some kind of blow to break it ordinarily. Thinking back I can remember what I was eating when I heard it pop, it was just chow mein and I bit into a slice of water chestnut. So now I will need an appointment with an oral surgeon to see if the bone transplant is good enough to take the screws that end up holding the bridge eventually. It sounds as if it could take 6 months after the screws are in place before the project of taking imprints and making and installing new choppers. Next up was a visit with the doctors that actually did the work and it was a GOOD visit with them. The PET scan was clean, which really took a load off of both of our minds. Doctor Eli checked out the inside of my mouth and said " looks amazing in there", or something to that effect. I still get the impression that they get a a kick out of seeing their work coming out so well, although it maybe that boosting the patients attitude is beneficial too. After that we went down in the Mayo subways and got a box of the Chicago blend popcorn to celebrate. Our steps were a little lighter on the way back to the parking ramp than they were on the way in, let me tell you. We are getting way to familiar with the layout of the clinic buildings to my way of thinking. Thank goodness we have the Theobalds spare bedroom in Rochester to hole up in when we are there, I can't imagine how it would be to be in a motel room for weeks on end like some people are forced to do. Plus, we get to hang out with Gen, Steve, and the boys, so that part is fun too.

Before we went down to Rochester on Sunday I had a PGR mission that started at the airport in Granite Falls. We`had the tour of a company that restores WWII fighter planes, primarily P-40s but they also have a P-51 Mustang, and a P-38 Lightning ( one of 6 still flying in the world). They have the ability to manufacture a P-40 for scratch although they do use an airframe to start. They made a couple of low level high speed passes for us, and the growl of that V-12 just give me goose bumps. Then we rode to Lucan for Captain Dan Days at the city park. I'll throw in some pictures too. The War bird restoration company made some low level passes that afternoon with the P-40 and the P-51, wow everybody has goosebumps this time! They really throw a terrific celebration for a small town.

Then on to the construction projects here in St James. Our garage addition is moving along, the block work is done and the floor is ready for concrete. They wanted to pour the curb yesterday but evidently the readymix plant couldn't get it here before the end of the day. The other big project is Eli and Lindsey's new home. A week ago or so Phil, Eli and I did the ground runs for the plumbing and the basement walls were poured this week and now the framing crew is at work. The basement is framed up and capped, so things are progressing on that front.

Next up, we are heading out to the Hills in a couple of weeks and dragging the trailer to a Koa in Spearfish. I think that it sounds as if it will be a good time. All of our children, spouses, and grandchildren will be able to come, except for Rachel who is in Germany. One special treat will be Bill Peck and his wife will be making the trip too. This will be the first time we have seen each other since I got out of the Air Force 43 years ago. His wife Sarah has never been to the Hills before so they should have a good time touring the area, although things have changed a lot in that period of time. Jan and I plan on taking a run up to Red Lodge while we are there, and I have a big trip west planned in June sometime, so thing are heating up here. Well, my fingers are getting sore from so much typing so I will leave off here, stay in touch please!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A short Note

I'll just drop a short note here to keep readers from forgetting me. My visit to Mayo last Monday went well and the process of re-installing some teeth in my empty jaw will be involved and rather lengthy. When I get a creative urge I will flesh this out some, so stand by.