Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Winter of My Discontent

   I was standing in a  nice warm shower when the title came to me this morning. Has anyone mentioned the weather lately? If this has not been a record setting cold Winter we are damn close to a record. Below zero temperatures are not that common around here actually during this time of the year, except for this year. For instance, todays' high is about 5 above, and the average is around 35, and it has been like that for what feels like since the middle of November. Ordinarily, I manage to get a bike or two out for a run sometime when the temperatures get some what above average, but not this year. I did replace the carpet remnants in the shop with a whole piece of carpet. To do the job I had to chisel the ice away from the door and scrape and salt the drive way just to get the bikes out of the way. To get them back afterwards, I did need to start them up to get them back in the shop. This is the first time some of the herd have been started since before Thanksgiving. So, to keep from sliding into alcoholism, drug abuse, or maybe mass murder, I have been working on some projects that have been hanging fire for several years. Project number one is finishing a B-36 model I think that I started at least 40 years ago, luckily, only missing one of the six propellers. The other being, redoing the XR-185 that has been in pieces in the garage attic for probably fifteen years. A majority of the parts were in well labeled bags, showing some foresight for a change, plus I had to paint some small parts, after Eli did such a good job on the frame, tank, and swingarm. Anyhow that has been keeping me out of trouble the last couple of months or so. This is one Winter, when we have not had some project in progress in the house come to think of it.
        Last month Jan and I made a run out to the Hills for a couple of days when there was a window of weather opportunity. We left town in 5 degree temperatures and saw 65 near Hermosa, quite a change. The next day we cruised up to Deadwood etc. and hit some snowy roads from the night before. As much as I love the Hills, that place just gets more and more crowded every time we get there it seems. We did start out for Rochester about a week ago to go for Gus's birthday party, but turned around and came home due to bad roads, and this week would not have been any better. In this part of the world, making plans often hinges on weather and road conditions. I have noticed a funny thing about TV weather people. When temps are high, they are above normal, and when they are low, they below average, kind

of sticking to the global warming mantra. Oh wait, it's  climate change now, isn't it? Did I mention that I am coming down with a cold? Just to add icing to the cake I imagine. Jan and I did have fun last night though, an invite over to Eli, and Lindsey's for supper and a movie. They picked up "Despicable Me 2" uptown, and we all snuggled on the couch and laughed a lot. Not too many things better in this world than snuggling with your kids, and then grandkids, but then they grow up, so then it is Jan's job, as chief snugglee. Is that a word? Anyhow, that is a brief synopsis of what we have been up to lately. Following are a few photos of the two projects that I mentioned above.