Monday, May 10, 2010

Early May

I am going to try and get the photos in the proper order on this one, so here goes. The last one is of my Mom and my brothers Phil, Paul, and I at the Kaiserhoff in New Ulm. We, along with our wives, Jan, Laura, and Marcy took my Mom out to dinner for Mothers' Day. Afterwards the girls went shopping and the brothers adjourned to a bar across the street. Last week on Thursday Phil and I went on another Pgr mission in St. Paul for a Maplewood police officer who was ambushed responding to a fake call. The officer was Sgt Bergeron, a 26 year veteran with a wife and twin 13 year old daughters. The funeral was at the St. Paul Cathedral in down town St. Paul. We lined the steps and the side walk in front of the cathedral while thousands of law enforcement officers faced us across the street. There were LEOs from a 5 state area and even a couple from Chicago. After the service the string of cop cars in the procession must have taken 45 minutes to get out of the several different parking areas and heading for the cemetery. I think that they said that there were over 800 cars in the line. I give up, The pictures, as usual are backwards again, I think that I need to blog more so that I can remember which way to go. Other than that the weather has turned cold and damp, kind of a typical May after a very nice April for a teaser. Today Jan and I are heading over to Rochester foe another followup with the doctors and a day with the Theobalds. Take care and stay in touch.