Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's Colorado again short version

This will be a short version of my most recent trip to Colorado. I just got back on Friday from a six day trip back to the San Juan mountains of south west Colorado. I actually stayed at the same motel that Eli and I stayed in when we were there in 2001. I had to find out if I still had it in me to do those rough trails again and I guess that I do. One of the fun parts of riding in terrain like that is the people that you meet, everyone friendly and having a great time. I have to give a great big thanks to St. Jan for encouraging me to do crazy things like this. One of my favorite motto's is, there is more to life than just living. I have a tee shirt that has a similar saying on the back that I should take a picture of and include in the final draft. Anyhow, I had a great time and just came home a little sore from doing so much riding standing up. I'll add a few pictures to give a taste of the riding. Oh yah, I was riding down the main drag of Silverton when I heard my cell phone ring and it was St. Jan with news that the two biopsies turned out to be benign, so that was a real day brightener. Stay tuned for more updates.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

an update of sorts

I suppose that this blog could be for the other readers that are not on my e-mail lists. St. Jan and I drove over to Rochester on Monday afternoon for a stay at the Theobalds. Our supper there was a good summer feast again, with sweet corn, green beans, and assorted items from the grill. Tuesday I had a follow up appointment with the doctor at Mayo in the afternoon and it went well. According to Dr. Eli things are looking good so he doesn't need to see me for another three months. We visit every three months for the first two years and if everything continues to be clean we go every six months until the five year mark. So, the next few years will tell the tale. A week ago or so I visited the dermatologist in Mankato for a check up and he biopsied a couple of sites on my chest and back. Although they have been carving moles etc. off of me for years, with my recent history the wait for results is a little more anxiety ridden. On to other subjects. Tomorrow, Mom and I head up to Alexandria for the annual Horman family get together. This year my brother Phil will meet us enroute to the festivities. I have also been trying to plan an off road bike trip to Colorado again or as an alternate, Wyoming. Things keep switching around so the destination is still up in the air as I type. I really want to hit the high passes in Colorado while I am still able, because as past history shows us, you can't always count on tomorrow being there for you to use. I have done these passes before except for Mosquito Pass which is well over 13,000 feet, the highest in the lower 48. If we go to Wyoming it would be the Big Horns, of which I have some maps. I also have been hitting some Patriot Guard missions, one in Rochester Saturday and one in Fairmont yesterday. Also, yesterday I was offered the job of assistant ride captain in this sector, I accepted with trepidation, I just hope that I don't screw this up. The ride captain and assistant ride captains in this sector which ends at state highway 15 in the east both live in the southwest corner of the state at Pipestone and Hardwick so I will cover this end of the sector, I hope. We also have been helping Eli and Lindsey some with their home building project but it has kind of moved on from the rank amateur helper status to the skilled labor stage. I helped with moving some appliances in and watching the kiddos so they can work there has been Jan's' contribution as well. The driveway was poured Tuesday and the cabinets were installed too. Today Eli and I may run up to Maple Plain to get a lawn mower/ snow blower that he found on the net. I think that I may browse some old photos and throw them on for your amusement. Take care and stay in touch. The pictures are from our 1974 trip to California.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Twin Cities commute

It seems as if I have been commuting to the Twin Cities area for about the last two weeks on and off. Last Saturday we - the PGR- had the memorial service in Rosemount for cpl. Benjamin Kopp U.S.Army Ranger. He was wounded in Afghanistan and died at Walter Reed about a week later from complications from his wounds. He was hit in the leg while trying to break contact with the Taliban and must have picked up an infection or something. It seems hard to believe in this day and age that he could have been transported back to Walter Reed and they could not save him. The service at the Rosemount High school gym was almost like attending a church service, with three of his Ranger friends eulogizing him with quotes from the scriptures and the chaplain giving the main address. There were no dry eyes in our group as we were invited to stand around the mezzanine above the gym during the service. Today will be his send-off at Holman Field in St. Paul for his final trip to Arlington National Cemetery in DC. I ran into Phil afterwards and we met for lunch at a Mac and Dons' down the street, and hit a bike store in Lakeville on the way out. I'll add some pictures to the blog, some are from Rosemount and some are of the flowers blooming from the plants that we started way last winter. I almost forgot, But last Friday I was in Sioux Falls for the memorial service for a Viet Nam vet killed in a motorcycle accident. This guy had spent two tours in Viet Nam as a Force Recon Marine and gets killed by a kid that turned left in front of him near the Harley store. He was the member of a couple biker gangs, not Hells Angels but "real" biker gangs, and there were guys from all over that showed up for the service. The first couple of photos are from Sioux Falls, then one from Rosemount and the last few should be self explanatory, ok?