Thursday, December 1, 2011

Driving Ms. Jannie

As usual, if you look at the photos from the bottom up, they will be in the proper order. It has been quite a while since I last drug a blog out of my head so here goes. First the title, in a round about way it all goes back to a day in September when we upgraded from our 2006 Mustang to a newer model that happens to be a stick. Thus, Jan no longer drives it. We took it out to Chesapeake in October to be on hand for Will's birthday party and to watch the kiddos for Hans and Rachel while they attended the Navy Ball- come to think of it I need to include a photo of the couple on their front porch. Anyhow we spent a good time with the DeFors at their home in Chesapeake and on the way home, somewhere in Indiana or Illinois, I looked over at Jan and said "I know what the title of my next blog is going to be". That sounds a little like Fineas and Pherb- I know that I have those names misspelled- "I know what we are going to do today". We watched a lot of them while we were there, touring the "tri state area". Since getting home we have been over to Rochester a couple of times for Sam's birthday and Thanksgiving and nothing medical, thank God. The Theobalds, Jan, and I recently spent a weekend at the Spearfish Lodge in Spearfish Canyon, naturally. I have a couple of pictures in this mess from that weekend also. Lately, since the riding season is over for all intents and purposes, I have started taking the BMWs apart so that I can just get to the valve covers just to set the valves. Another twist is the fact that to get the valve covers off you first need to remove the spark plug coils. This step in the plan requires a special tool, that naturally used to be included in the tool kit, but no longer is. So, I am waiting for my dealer to round one up and sell it to me. Oh well, I shouldn't complain I guess, as I have recently added a new tv to the shop, so I can turn up the heat check out the tv channels, or turn on the sound system and clean and wax to my hearts content. Winter in Minnesota gives the biker a long chance to catch up on maintenance etc.. Sometime this month I need to get started on my annual Christmas letter too, so I had better not spend too much of my creativity on this single blog. I hope that this blog finds everyone fit and looking forward to the Holiday season (Christmas).