Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Valentines Day Card for Jan

Have I mentioned before that generally I am too cheap, no wait, procrastination is the primary culprit here, to get St. Jan a Valentines Day card lately? So here in the comfort of our own home, I can wish her the best and fill the rest of my readers in on what is going on here. We are doing pretty good here, considering that it has been below zero almost every morning since Christmas at least. It doesn't seen to bother Jan not to get out of the house, so the cold isn't as big a deal to her. We did talk last Fall about loading a bike into the truck and heading somewhere warmer than here this Winter, but I don't think that will happen at this stage of the game. That's right, this was supposed to be to Jan for our 43rd anniversary. Looking back that far is not as hard as it would seem, but the idea that we would be knocking on our 50th in 7 years just doesn't seem possible. I recall going to relatives' 50th celebrations and listening to them talk and just thinking that they are really old. Funny, I don't feel that old now. I can remember my aunt Gilma at their 50th saying about her husband, Boyd, "I had such a crush on him!". Kind of the way we feel about each other. We are always saying, I wish that we could have another 43, or fill in the blank, years together. Do the math though, and I would have to make 113 to do that, and I am pretty sure that sort of longevity is not in the cards for either one of us. We will have to make do with what ever the good Lord allows for us.
In the photos below, I have Jan with Leah, and Aaron, who were over for a while, while Eli, and Lindsey were out. The last one is Jan with her new couch. The chair that goes with this unit just got here the other day, and it is pretty nice, kind of like her. Jan also, in addition to taking good care of me, also has her hands full trying to manage her Mom's health care. Her Mother is not doing well with pain, and now memory problems. She spends an awfully lot of time on the phone arranging doctor visits, and trying to console her Mom when she calls, which some days can be often. I have told her that she has the patience of a saint, which is true, which is why I often call her Saint Jan, because she is one to me, believe me. Anyway, Jan I just want you to know that I Love You and want to grow even older with you, just sayin'.  Love Pete