Monday, June 23, 2014

Assorted June Adventures

It's been awhile again since I last posted anything, so I need to get off the bikes and do some typing, I guess. The first part of the month, my brother Phil and I headed southwest through Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, to Clayton, New Mexico. Our first stop was at the SAC museum between Omaha, and Lincoln. I've been there several times but It is always a treat for an aircraft freak. Kansas and the panhandle of Oklahoma was hot dry and windy, not fun. From Clayton I made a short detour to Texline, Texas just to say I have ridden in Texas. From there we went west through Raton, and Taos, to Chama. From Chama it was north through Colorado's central Rockies to Delta, Colorado. From Delta up through a corner of Utah to Rock Springs, Wyoming. The ride from Rock Springs to Rapid City was for the most part very beautiful, with everything so green and blue skies and little wind. From Rapid it is a straight shot home that I could drive with my eyes closed, almost.
A week later Jan, and I were headed west down the same road to Hot Springs with the trailer in tow. Over that weekend Gen, Sam, Gus, Eli,Leah, and Aaron arrived and set up camp. We toured the southern Hills in the next few days, and Jan and I got some riding in before the gang arrived in camp. So anyhow I will post some pictures from both trips to give you an idea of the adventures from June 2014. Oh, and we never got wet on either trip, a major plus in the riding world.